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Almost seven years ago I walked into GameTrailers to just a handful of employees. The company had just been purchased by MTV and I was one of its first hires as Editor in Chief. I remember walking into the company that day, being shown my desk (a table pushed up against a wall), and wondering to myself if I had made the right decision to leave my prior job. I was a fan, and I believed.

There was no structure in place; no editorial policies, no reoccurring shows, no production pipeline, and no real connection to the industry. No staff, no nothing. They say that the biggest challenges provide the biggest rewards, and my time at GameTrailers has proven this.

In the next couple years the editorial staff grew to 10 members, we launched GameTrailers TV on Spike, created digital shows like Bonus Round, and became the first gaming web site with user movies and 100 percent HD production. But reviews, convention coverage, exclusives, and an unflinching editorial policy really built the audience. With the consoles all going HD, GT was the right idea at the right time. I feel privileged to have been there to see it all happen.

It’s the people who really make GT what it is. Nearest and dearest to my heart is the GT editorial staff. Just 10 men strong, they pull all-nighters to compete against staffs four times their size, and to see how much they’ve grown fills me with the good kind of pride. The amount of quality work that such a small group of people produce is almost hard to believe. The GameTrailers video editors, coordinators, and post production squad are unsung heroes. Without them, everything GameTrailers does is just a script and a wish. Thank you for supporting me and my team over the years. I can’t say it enough.

Most importantly, it’s you, our dedicated users, who have made GT what it is, and made my time there what is has been. The feeling of launching a new show or feature and getting your stamp of approval compelled me to burn the midnight oil time after time . Those who have continued to support the site through thick and thin, I salute you and give you my deepest gratitude. Your support of GT, and me personally, is something that I will always hold dear.

GT has come from its humble beginnings to be a post production beast propelled by creative, smart, and hard-working folks. And I love pretty much every single one of them. Things are difficult for gaming web sites these days, and GameTrailers is no different. GT will be changing in the comings months, and after giving it a hard look, it’s not a perfect fit for me. I’ve been working 60- or 70-hour weeks for the past 14 years and I’m a builder by nature. The building at GT is complete and has been for some time. Knowing that the site is in more than capable hands, the timing is right for me to move on to the next chapter of my professional life. Before I started working at GameTrailers I was a fan, and I’ll remain one. You should too.

The decision to come to GameTrailers has been one of the best I’ve ever made, and I’ll always cherish my time creating content for one of the web’s smartest, most-discerning audiences. So I bid adieu, and if you miss me stop on by Twitter (@Dinfire) and say hello. I know I’m going to miss the whole lot of you.

Love and respect,

Shane Satterfield

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